What We Do

We’re going to level with you. Anyone can learn how to write a press release. But even the most well-written press release will not get you far if there is no purpose or intention behind it.

That’s where we come in. We make our clients think about what they truly hope to achieve, and position our strategies to meet their target objectives. We won’t leave you in the dark feeling your way through the media landscape alone. We see ourselves as partners to each of our clients. We provide the following PR services:

Media Relations

As of 2017, there are over 7,000 magazines in circulation, 1,300 newspapers in print and more than 1 billion websites and blogs on the web. That’s a lot of information to search through, and reporters are busier than ever. You need someone who knows how to navigate the waters and cut through the weeds. We pride ourselves in the relationships we’ve built over the years. Let us introduce you to some of our good friends in the media who can help you spread your message.

Community Relations

Even more important than relationships with the media, arguably, are the relationships that a brand holds with its local community. Whether you’re new to the block or have been a staple of the neighborhood for decades, we can implement strategic plans based on your unique community to foster positive relationships and brand recall for years to come.

Event Planning

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we are pretty amazing event planners. We plan and execute events, making sure that every single detail is created to drive interaction and increase brand recognition between our clients and their audience.

Brand Positioning

From corporate brands like Capital One to consumer brands such as JK Chocolate, we’ve had some experience in understanding how brands want to be perceived. Using valuable company information and industry insights, we can partner with you to develop and strengthen your identity with strong, consistent messaging across all media.

Social Media Marketing

Building your following on social media is like building a relationship. It requires time, consistency and regular attention. Let us take a load off your plate and be your social media community organizers. We can create and share content as appropriate, offering creative angles and newsworthy posts to keep folks coming back for more. Additionally, we have great relationships with bloggers and influencers, so we can build your platform organically utilizing the connections we’ve already made.

Launches & Openings

Developing your brand is one thing; launching it is another. You’ve gone through months, even years of planning to get to this exciting stage in your company’s history—you want to make sure that every detail is perfect. We combine our media expertise with our exceptional gift to plan events to create a memorable and meaningful launch that helps you hit the ground running. We did it for One Uptown in Dallas. We did it for Marriott Horseshoe Bay Resort. Now, we can do it for you.